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Want your message to go far? Make it video

Want your message to go far? Make it video

2/3 of millennials, - and they are your major target audience, - would rather watch a video than read a text. Yes, even if it’s a well-organized one, with neat illustrations. 

Perks of using video & how to bring them out

Audiovisual media simply has better communicational capacity: it can tell more info in less time, allows for highlighting key messages in a way that sticks with the viewer, and is more effective in encouraging the public to take action. If you want to make use of these perks to the maximum extent, here are some notes to take:

  • Make your video simple yet consistent; keep the key points clear and visualize them accordingly. HD quality, clear sound - all should work together.

  • People trust people. Consider starting a video with 1-2 minutes of presenting your team. Use an interview format to show how professional and inspired your teammates are; employ live videos to show your everyday life, office routine, friendly atmosphere.

  • Animation is a great tool to make complicated things look simple. Make sure you cooperate with a professional artist - with gradients and stick figures, you won’t go far. Good content is sharable content.

  • Promo is your way to get creative. Do everything it takes to be noticed! 

  • Teasers can be used to lay the ground for occasional announcements, news, and updates. The occasions, though, should be carefully selected.

Particular media is suitable for particular kinds of content.

Do your placement wisely, depending on size and the profile of your idea. 
Twitter works well for teasers and short promos; YouTube goes perfectly for full videos, animation, interviews, etc.; and Facebook does great at attracting audiences from all over the world, so the right format is something clear, simple and capable of catching attention with a brief appearance in the feed.

How do you measure your success? 

Set a goal on your number of shares, reposts, retweets, likes, and so on. Track the efficiency of different media and video formats, and pay attention to the ratio of likes and reposts – in the end, the second ones are the what really matters.

Go ahead and make something great! Or employ our experience to help you out.

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